My Life Story

I was born in Yorkshire and have lived a bit of a nomadic lifestyle - I currently split my time between my family home in France and my home in Yorkshire. As such, my studio moves with me wherever I go.

My upbringing was somewhat unconventional to say the very least - but what is conventional? Our house was always full - usually with rescued animals, plants and everything in between. However, it was also full of laughter, inspiration and creativity. Some of my earliest memories are sharing my paints and crayons with our dog. I'm very fortunate in that regard - it's my formative years that helped me to explore new ways to express myself.

I was a 'weird kid' and happily so. Normality has always been an elusive concept for me - and whilst that instability may seem challenging to some, I love the constant evolution. If there's anything I've taken away from my childhood into my career as an artist, it's that self expression is its own language.

With nature an ever present companion, it has served as a constant source of curiosity and passion. I feel this is the lifeblood of my portfolio. While ever there is life on Earth, there will be unlimited inspiration - and there will be opportunities for me to capture, to transform, and to share with the world.

Natural beauty is worth sharing - there is nothing more pure, nor more present. You simply have to look outside!

My Artist's Statement

My art is my second voice. When I am unable to speak, I pick up a paintbrush. If I'm unable to convey my feelings or emotions regarding a complex topic or theme, I take to the canvas.

Many people choose art to express themselves beyond their physical boundaries. I, too, subscribe to this - but to me, it is more than just pure escapism.

My work is my interpretation of thought, memory, emotion, and the environment around me. While I'm inspired by the natural world and my life experiences, my art tells stories. Yes - there is interpretation. Yes - there is subjectivity. However, no matter your viewpoint, and no matter your personal tastes, my work weaves tales. I go beyond the single dimension.

The stories I sketch, paint and create cover broad topics, and complex, challenging ideas. I want to challenge perceptions surrounding mental health, womanhood, and an increasingly confusing world. The world isn't as scary or as intimidating as the mass media will have you believe. It is complex, it is ever-changing, but it is there to be celebrated. It is there to be touched and to be explored - just, too, as is my art. This is artwork you can reach out and feel.

My pieces tend to fall into one of two very different categories depending on the inspiration and story I want to tell. Those are impressionism and abstract expressionism. Each one, I feel, reflects a different facet of my personality. The mode I choose, the medium, the story itself - will change from day to day. This is often a complex way to make art, but it is seldom boring.

I largely work with pre-used, pre-loved, second-hand canvases. Some need patching up, some have colours which bleed through my paint, some have unusual textures. I started using these canvases as a way to keep my art practice as ecologically friendly as I can - but I've come to love the challenge of painting on these irregular surfaces. I love the little surprises added by the dimples or the shadows of former works. I feel it adds a character and a history to my work which is impossible to replicate. Making each piece that much more unique and special, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Beyond it all, I create art as a way for me to explore life's complexities - this does not always need a set plan, blueprint or roadmap. More often than not, my favourite pieces are those that happen completely by accident.