The Is It Grapes...? Collection

I am a HUGE Disney and Pixar fan. Ratatouille is one of my absolute favourite films ever. There is one scene in particular which totally captured my imagination when I first saw it - the tasting scene! Watching the sense of taste so clearly translated into abstract visuals and music was mind-blowing. 
I must have watched that scene dozens of times. 

That few seconds of film has been my main inspiration for this fabulous ongoing collection. These works offer a humble attempt to translate the sensation of taste through the use of colour and shape. 
Best viewed with a fresh strawberry and a glass of homemade lemonade!

Title: Kissed with Cayenne

Date: February 2021

Size: 60 cm X 60 cm (Original)

Medium: Acrylic and gold leaf on rescued stretch canvas

Availability: Limited edition prints available - Please email for details

About the Piece: Even as a child I enjoyed spicy food. Today, one of my go-to spices is still cayenne pepper. I knew I wanted this piece to be an explosion of colour, I wanted to recreate the initial warming then sudden burn of the chilli as it hits your tongue. 

I was even conscious about my choice of canvas. Too small would be underwhelming (like an under-seasoned dish) and too big would be overpowering (likely to blow your head off!). The balance - like any good recipe - had to be just right! 

I added the gold leaf as a little sweet note once the first kick has burned through and you have the pleasant warmth mixed with the accompanying notes of your dish. 

Then the taste is gone and you just have the tingling reminder on your lips - just like a kiss. 

Title: Is It Grapes...?

Date: January 2021

Size: 20 cm X 20 cm

Medium: Acrylic on rescued stretch canvas

Availability: Limited edition prints available - Please email for details

About the Piece: This was the first piece in this collection. It came about after a particularly interesting bunch of grapes. Yes, I know how that sounds!

There's something to be said for the simple grape. Unlike most other berries, I think a single individual can take you on a flavour rollercoaster. 

With the first crunch breaking the skin, your mouth is flooded with a slightly acid sweetness. Then, the lower notes hit, with the sourness of the slightly fermented sugars. 

Ending - finally - on a sweet note, you are left craving more. I don't believe any other berry can offer such a plethora of flavours in one bite. There's certainly a reason we use grapes to make wine!